Schools Aims and Vision

Aims of Weston Mill Primary School are:

  • that every child is entitled to receive quality education within a happy and caring, safe and stimulating environment.
  • that every individual is entitled to be valued, respected and supported by each other that everyone within our school family should be given every opportunity to reach his/her potential, to feel pride in individual and collective achievements and to celebrate success.
  • that every individual will be encouraged to develop personal qualities of independence, co-operation, self-discipline and respect, both for others and the world in which we live.
  • that all pupils will receive a quality education from the broad and balanced differentiated curriculum offered at the school.
  • that there will be no discrimination on the grounds of gender or ability and pupils with SEN will be catered for appropriately in line with the Code of Practice.
Our Vision

We at Weston Mill believe that excellence in education is an attainable goal. To reach the goal we support high expectations and standards for our children, so that each child may reach his/her full potential. Excellence in education is a responsibility shared by all participants in the process: children, parents, teachers, administrators, School Governors and the community, each having a unique and complementary role and each having opportunities to influence the curriculum.

We aim to maintain an environment in which children are happy to explore and learn, where children and adults respect each others’ views and ideas. We celebrate individuality and support children in developing their potential.

We aim to provide opportunities for children to explore different experiences beyond the curriculum that will benefit their future lives.

Our school is a safe learning environment where children develop according to their potential with equal opportunities. Children are challenged by the range of opportunities that are provided, ensuring that skills are developed to the full. Success both across the curriculum and in extra curricular work is celebrated.

Children are encouraged to understand how they are part of a diverse culture within society where each person is a worthwhile part of that culture; that similarities and diversity contribute to and enhance the lives of us all; that tolerance of others’ beliefs and culture will promote harmony in the world; that learning to be part of a school community will be the first step to an understanding of the world around them.

We aim to develop all children’s confidence to try at a broad range of activities, developing their capabilities to work collaboratively and individually. We encourage all children to be physically expressive, and we promote the notion of a healthy body and mind.

Spirituality is a thread that runs through every aspect of our school life. Beliefs, values, feelings, curiosity, self awareness and creativity are explored openly, fostering understanding and respect for each other and a sense of individual identity.