School Champions

The School Champions consists of 12 members, two from each class. These members have been nominated by their peers for this role and are elected at the start of every new school year. Members of the School Champions wear a badge so that they can be recognised by others and are good role models within the school community.

The School Champion representatives meet twice every new term (sometimes more if necessary). School Champion members are a ‘voice’ for their classmates to have their say in how they want their school to be run. In the past pupils have made decisions about whether boys and girls can be allowed to change separately for PE, what playground equipment they would like to purchase, whether we would like to have class pets and new staff appointments.
Each class has the opportunity to debate whole school issues or concerns and raise these queries with their School Champion representative who then bring the ideas or queries to the meeting. Each class have been given ‘bills’ which are documents that ideas or queries can be recorded on. During the School Champion meetings new bills are discussed and Mrs Gray may take some of these back to Mrs Catherwood. All answers are reported back to the School Champions and to each class by their representatives. School Champion representatives are encouraged to have a good understanding of the importance of a democratic and fair decision making process, where all pupils within the school feel valued and equal.
We hope that our new School Champion members enjoy their new role this academic year and play an important part in decision making across the school.