INCo and Family Support Worker

Mrs Rachel Facey

Interim INCO

Mrs Zoe Lavers

Family Support Worker

Let me introduce myself, I am Zoe Lavers and I am the newly appointed Inclusion and Family Support Worker.
I will endeavour to be on the playground for drop off and pick up when I can, please come and have a chat or book an appointment with me by calling the school on 01752 365250.
If you find it difficult to talk face to face, you are welcome to email me on z.lavers@discoverymat.co.uk or call the school office on 01752365250 and ask to speak to me.

Would you like to talk to someone but worry you will be judged?

Are you concerned about your child’s behaviour at home, or learning and progression in school?

Are you concerned that there are uncontrollable circumstances that may be having a negative effect on your family?

Do you need help completing forms or accessing services?

Are you an Armed Forces family? We can offer support pre, during and post deployment.


If you have answered yes to any of the above, then I am here to help. 


How do I request a face to face contact? 

Just pop into reception and leave a message for me to contact you. Alternatively, you can call the school on 01752 365250 and a message can be taken over the phone, or you can email me at z.lavers@discoverymat.co.uk


Will my information be shared? 

In order to fully support you and your family there will be times when I will need to share information. You will be asked to provide consent for information to be shared prior to support starting. Information would be shared with School Staff, and external agencies on an 'as required' basis. If there were to be any concerns around your safety or a member of the family, then I would have a duty to share information with the appropriate agencies, with, or without your consent.


Will I have sight of what is stored about me? 

Yes. After any face-to-face meeting, notes will be put onto a 'Communication Log Sheet' where you will receive a copy of points discussed and actions for me and you.


I very much look forward to getting to know you and your family.


Zoe Lavers