Year 3 become Paleontologists!

30th November 2013

Palaeontologists are scientists that dig for dinosaur bones.  We have already learnt about the famous palaeontologist called Richard Owen in history, however we wanted to learn what this job was like.

After discussing the tools used and how carefully palaeontologists excavate dinosaur bones, we had a go ourselves.  To replicate the chisel/pick axe we had a cocktail stick and to replicate the rock and bones we used a chocolate chip cookie.  The biscuit was the rock and the chocolate chips were the dinosaur bones.  Our job was to dig out the chocolate chips carefully so that we kept them whole.  We found this really fun but very tricky!  Palaeontologists must be very careful and patient.  When we finished we counted how many whole bones we dug out and compared this to each other in the class.  Some pupils had three bones, and some had ten! 

Finally we were allowed to eat the rock and dinosaur bones!