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Our ICT Mentor: Sophie
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In our Theme work we have been learning about travelling. The title of our topic is Gateways to the World. It is about aeroplanes and countries. In English we are learning about Legends. The main Legend we are focusing on is The Sword in the Stone. We are also learning about George and the Dragon. In the story, the dragon came to a village to live in a nearby lake. He demanded for a beautiful maiden every day to sacrifice. The maiden was chosen by lottery. One day it was the King's daughters turn. Just in time, George came to fight the dragon and defeated it. In our P.E. lessons, our theme in Dance. We made letters with our bodies. In R.E. we are learning about Symbols and Religious Beliefs. In Maths we are always practising our Funny Writing and Funny Counting. I liked it when we measured different degrees such as 10, 20 and 30.