September Information 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,


It is important that all adults and children adhere to social distancing while on the school grounds, including while dropping off and picking up children from school, and while waiting for siblings (if appropriate). To help support this there will be painted markings on the path alongside the field indicating which side of the path you should walk on while coming into or going out of school. There will also be designated areas on the carpark and playground for parents with siblings to wait in if they are starting or finishing at a different time. We understand that for those of you with more than child at Weston Mill, there may the need to move between the front and the back of the school via Ferndale Avenue, we will ensure we keep the school doors open to enable you to reach the correct door to drop your child off.


What we have learnt over the COVID 19 period is that there will be an initial settling in period while we all adjust to the entrances, exits and in school procedures. We will be reviewing the school processes every day, and will make changes if any are needed moving forward, making sure to inform you of them if and when they occur.