PE at Weston Mill

Weston Mill Community Primary School believe P.E. to be essential to the academic, social, emotional and physical development of the whole child. PE in Weston Mill provides the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and promotes character building, co-operation and self-esteem.

Weston Mill hold the Sainsbury's School Games Bronze Mark for provision of PE. Pre-requisites for earning this award, amongst other criteria, include: providing 2-hours of PE per week to our pupils; engaging at least 20% of our pupils in extra-curricular sporting activity, every week; engaging at least 5% of our pupils in leading, managing and officiating Sainsbury's School Games activity, and showing a commitment to both intra and inter-school competition. We hope to develop our provision further and earn the Silver Mark this year!
This year, Plymouth Raiders and Plymouth Argyle are running some PE lessons and after school clubs.

Athletics Festival – Year 5/6

On the 18th November, some year 5 and 6 pupils went to Marine Academy Plymouth (MAP) for an athletics festival. First of all we had lunch and then we got changed. We went into a big hall and Mrs Kemp started to tell us what we were doing first.
Everyone was really excited about doing the relay race – Mia Evans and Emma Daniels did this one for Weston Mill. After that, half of us went and took part in the long jump. You started off by hopping to a line then you had to do a really big jump. Some of us carried on doing the relay races. We also took part in the obstacle relay. All of us did this one and it was so fun. There were penalties so every mistake we made was a penalty.
Unfortunately we finished in sixth place but the event was amazing.
Ellie Wiseman

Cross Country Warm Up Event – Year 5 and 6

The Cross Country warm up was held at Plym Bridge. We had to run a big loop around a field. Mrs Douchman and Mrs Kemp came with us and cheered us on.
Year 5 and 6 went to the event and ran to represent our school. Year 5 girls ran first for our school and we cheered them on, then the year 5 boys. When it came to the year 6 girls it was very crowded. When the year 6 boys ran it was less crowded.
It was very fun taking part in the cross country course.
Sydney Shambrook


On Wednesday 21st October, some year 2’s went to MAP to do some PE.
First, we all did some jumping sideways. Lewis Marley won a gold medal in that game. Secondly, we did some jumping over hurdles, it was very difficult but Cole Gracey managed to win a certificate. Thirdly, we did the zig-zag game and it was very easy. We had to run to the cones that were in a zig-zag position. The fourth game we had to see how quick we were at putting the balls on the cones and in the bucket. This game was easy too. In the next game we had to run through a laid down ladder that was really impossible. Next, we had to throw bean bags in a hoop and that game was easy. Finally, we had to throw balls at the wall and catch them.
We all really had a fun afternoon.
Lili-Mai Wiseman

Rowing – Year 5 and 6

We went to Cann Bridge School to take part in a rowing event. When we got there we had to wait until the five other schools arrived. When everyone was there we went on the machines to have a practice. We took turns with the other schools on the rowing machines when the racing began. There was a screen that told us when to start and when to stop.
Mason Goulden