Expansion of nursery provision and change of age range consultation at Beechwood Primary Academy and Weston Mill Community Primary Academy The consultation is now closed. If you wish to make contact, please email info@discoverymat.co.uk

Nursery Carle - Mrs Rosewarne

                                                                   Welcome to Carle Class!

Hello and welcome to Nursery – Carle Class. Within the Nursery unit there are lots of different adults to help with learning, Mrs Rosewarne, Miss May, Mrs Wye and Mrs McIntyre. 

Communication, Language and Literacy
In Nursery the children will be following phase 1 of letters and sounds which is all about listening skills and tuning into sounds. They will be focusing on aspects 1 and 2 in which children learn to discern individual sounds and to notice the differences between sounds. Children will do a lot of really careful listening in order to prepare them to begin to hear initial letter sounds in words. The children will be introduced to elements of Read Write Inc.

In Nursery the children will be focusing on number recognition and being able to recognise and talk about the properties of different shapes. There will also be a focus on colour recognition. We will be encouraging children to use mathematical language in their play and to begin to notice the numbers that are all around them and to understand that these numbers perform all kinds of different functions. The children will be introduced to elements of the Maths Makes Sense programme.

Personal, social and emotional development
Through all areas of the curriculum we will support the children to become confident and independent learners. They will be encouraged to follow class rules that will make their environment a happy and safe place to be. Each week the children will take part in a whole class circle-time; this encourages the children to listen to each other and helps to increase confidence.

General Information
Children in Nursery/Foundation should not wear earrings to school. If your child is wearing earrings, we will ask for them to be removed. All long hair must be tied back and headbands/clips will need to be removed for PE.

It is very important that all children wear school uniform on a daily basis. This consists of white/blue polo shirt, grey/black trousers and a navy jumper/cardigan. School shoes should be worn with white/dark socks, and not trainers.

Things for you to practice at home.

  • Children to dress independently for school, including zips and buttons on coats.
  • Name writing using a capital letter at the beginning and all other letters in lower case.
  • To begin to recognise numbers out and about e.g. on buses, on doors, on birthday cards etc.
  • Read Write Inc. sounds that are sent home.
  • Using different tools such as scissors for cutting.