Welcome to our school library page.  Here you will find information on how our school library works.  All children at Weston Mill can access the library at break times (to change a book only) and at lunch times.

During lunch time, the library is available for children to change their books, silent reading, writing a book review, or participate in an activity.  Activities include colouring, word searches, number and word games – Boggle, Uno, Hangman. 

It is important to remember that lunchtime is a time when children can relax and have a break from lesson times and therefore the children can choose to come to the library during their lunch period. 

Your child will also access the library with their class as part of their weekly timetabled library session to promote reading for pleasure.  Children will also have dedicated time throughout the week to complete their REN quiz as part of our AR programme and regular opportunities to change their reading books as required.