Jellyfish - Miss A. Morgan

Our ICT Mentor: Matthew
Matthew's Blog

In Hulk class we are busy writing stories and practising are production.
At the moment, our English set are working hard writing myths about a hero who is set to defeat a creature; we all created a creature based on others that live on Pandora (a fictional moon).
In the hall year 6 are practising a funny, amazing production that we will be performing to you and the parents at the end of the year.
In maths we are learning about money and how we should spend it. On are first week Hulk class took a test to see how safe or risky they were with money.
On the second, we took a look at a character called Paul. We first found out how much he earned from work. Then we took away the money he had to pay. After, we found out the amount he could spend for himself.