Expansion of nursery provision and change of age range consultation at Beechwood Primary Academy and Weston Mill Community Primary Academy The consultation is now closed. If you wish to make contact, please email info@discoverymat.co.uk

Curriculum Statement

Alongside our Multi Academy Trust Partners, Weston Mill Community Primary Academy have designed a bespoke curriculum for our children underpinned by our values - Democratic, Inclusive, Excelling and Collaborative. We support children to become responsible and motivated learners who embrace challenges and strive for success while supporting their emotional well-being.

Our curriculum provides children with a range of rich experiences to become happy and confident lifelong learners.

Year group topics are based around a central enquiry question and are designed to encourage children to think, explore and experience an area of learning while progressing on a journey to being able to answer that initial question. We aim to teach through our STEM based approach, opportunities are provided for children to develop the skills of Problem Solving, Creativity, Inquiry Skills, Observation, Flexibility and Collaboration across all of the subjects they learn.

Being part of our local community is an important part of our curriculum. We encourage our children to be kind and caring citizens who engage with their community and have a good understanding of the wider world.  

Our school curriculum aims to:

  •          build upon children’s prior learning;
  • use STEM skills to develop deep understanding;
  • provide first hand learning experiences;
  • have opportunities for collaborative learning;
  • challenge, make children think and develop resilience;
  • engage minds and foster creativity;
  • be fully inclusive. 


Weston Mill Community Primary Academy follows the National Curriculum. You can find out more about this by clicking on the links below:




Sex and relationship education is taught in line with the Sex and Relationships Education Policy agreed by the Board of Trustees. Religious Education follows the locally agreed syllabus.